About Us

To create "TESTO. Russian Bakery" we were inspired by the love for Russian cuisine and the desire to share this love with others. 

Welcome to "TESTO. Russian Bakery" located on the way from the center of Kathmandu towards the National Park "Shivapuri-Nagarjun". It's the only place around offering authentic Russian food. 

In the Bakery we offer fresh pies, cakes, cheesecakes, bread, cookies and other homemade bakery products, as well as 56 types of coffee, which will be prepared for You by professional baristas on the Italian CASADIO coffee machine using freshly roasted coffee beans from the Pokhara Valley.

In the Cafe you will be offered breakfasts, as well as pasties, dumplings, pizza, burgers and other goodies. We offer a wide range of drinks - coffee, masala tea, cocktails and juices. There are homemade frozen momo, pelmeni, vareniki and chicken patty on sale.

Smocking and non-smocking zones. Convenient parking for your transport. 

See You There!


Welcome to our bakery/coffee shop/cafe in Budhanilkantha.


TESTO. Russian Bakery



7.00 - 20.00